Winter Activities that Won’t Break the Bank

5 ideas for cold weather fun

Cold weather can really put a damper on outdoor entertainment and, since most dogs don’t really enjoy watching TV, it can make for a very bored pet. If your pet enjoys the snow, then have at it! Get yourself bundled up (and consider a weatherproof coat for any short haired pets) and spend an hour hiking, playing fetch, or just running around in the fresh powder. Just be sure to clear their paws of any ice or salt when you get home, and always make sure their chips and/or tags are up to date and secure. If your dog is like ours, however, they won’t even go near the backdoor unless they desperately need to pee. So, for the warmth seekers, here are a few affordable, accessible winter activities.

Training and/or agility.

Not only will it refresh your buddy’s memory on how to behave, but training your pet truly enriches your bond. Whether you enroll them in a class or promise to train them for half an hour twice a week at home, training and agility will stimulate them physically and mentally – and it can all be done indoors.

Treat puzzles.

For smarter breeds who genuinely get bored and maybe destructive, interactive feeders are a great way to keep them sharp, entertained, and happy. Look online for one that accommodates your pups’ smarts (as they have varying levels of difficulty), load it up with some Pro-Treats, and watch the concentration commence.

Play dates.

Most dog people have other dog-owning friends, making winter play dates a great way for both of you to get out and socialize. You get to catch up with a pal and your dog gets to run around, play, and sniff some new smells, which is great for their mental stimulation, too.

Visit someone.

For seniors in assisted living, winters can be long and lonely. If your pet is well behaved enough, consider volunteering some time to visit them and make their day. No matter how cold outside, this will warm you from the inside out.

What’s your favorite way to keep your pet entertained in winter? We’d really love to hear your suggestions on Twitter – be sure to tag us @StewartPet!

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