What’re you waiting For? Now’s the Time to Adopt!

woman with white dog

With all the awareness holidays on the Internet these days, we’re thrilled to see there’s a whole month dedicated to the buddies out there who need a home; October is Adopt a [Shelter] Dog Month, clearly intended to prompt people to do just that. For those on the fence about adopting, we’re de-bunking a few common shelter dog myths we frequently hear in the hopes it may just sway you in the right direction.

  • Shelter dogs have “baggage.” We admit, upon first meeting you don’t know what a shelter dog’s been through and if it may contribute to behavioral quirks – but isn’t that the point of adoption? To teach animals a different, better way of life? In our experience, shelter dogs have been some of the most grateful, affectionate, and well-behaved pets we’ve had and we strongly believe it’s because they know how ‘ruff’ life can get. A little patience and a lot of love is all it takes to make a shelter pet forget all about what they may have been through.
  • I want a pure breed. All it takes is a bit of diligence and patience and the breed you want will absolutely come through – and the best part is: it will need your home, whereas dogs from breeders will always get bought. Check with the shelters around you all the time – let them know what you want and, as a friendly tip, try to build a relationship with the staff so when your perfect pet inevitably shows up you’ll be the first person they call. Added bonus: adopting a pure breed is much cheaper AND you’re making room for another buddy who needs the shelter’s care.
  • All that’s there are older dogs and problem pets. We can’t emphasize how false this is. Sadly, dogs are relinquished to the shelter for all kinds of reasons (their owner is experiencing a life change being one of the biggest) but the bottom line is that most of these guys once had a home and undoubtedly want another chance at one. And, as a side note: older dogs rock! They’re laid back, house trained, and tend to be a very calm and docile addition to the household.

So, what are you waiting for? Your next canine companion is looking for you! (Pro-Tip: Check with your shelter and see if they’re doing any adoption specials to celebrate the month!)

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