What is High Pressure Pasteurization (HPP)?

You might be aware that we use high-pressure pasteurization – but what does that mean exactly? In our previous post we talked about how the FDA requires that questionable food undergo heat processing– but heat destroys useful enzymes and lessens the ingredient’s nutritional value. Since we don’t allow any uncertain components in our food and treats, we’re able to use cold pressure – which maintains all the nutritional value of food but still eliminates any potentially harmful bacteria, just to be sure.

Science has shown that damaging bacteria can’t survive under pressure associated with deep sea levels – so that’s exactly what we do. We use cold water under incredibly high pressure to destroy micro-organisms that cause spoiling while maintaining the nutritional integrity of the food.

How, you ask? Well, harmful bacteria are single-cell organisms, and HPP ruptures the cell wall, destroying the bacteria without the damaging effects of heat. The best part is that this type of processing has zero effect on the molecular structure of food (think: vitamins, minerals, nutrients, proteins, and enzymes.) Furthermore, it’s a 100 percent natural way to eliminate harmful bacteria, which is why we choose it for your pets. For more information, head here!

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