We’re Talkin’ Hottest Cat Trends Right Meow

cat trends

August 8 marks International Cat Day,

which got us thinking: we’ve been seeing a LOT more cat stuff lately. From merchandise to actually-famous felines, it’s no longer crazy to be a cat person… in fact, it may even be considered trendy. As an ode to this newfound feline fabulousness, we’re presenting you with some of the coolest cat trends happening meow.



From cat ear headbands to sweaters, purses, sunglasses, socks, and more, there are SO many ways for people to express their inner feline.

Home Decor:

Pillows! Mugs! Even stationery and clocks… They’re all a wonderful way to let friends and visitors know you are, in fact, a cat person.


For the die-hard (and probably more explorative) types, some people have dyed or shaved the shape of a cat into their hair or even gotten a cute cat tattoo. For the right people, it’s an adorable way to commit to their love of cats.



More people are trying to mainstream cat walks (literally, not the fashion kind.) We’ve seen lots of kitties on our social media feeds being leashed up and walked around the neighborhood much like their canine counterparts – which was seemingly unheard of five years ago. (Check out semi-famous feline Honey Bee on a hike with her owner. Curveball: She’s blind!)


More and more people are giving their companions human names like Oliver, Chloe, Charlie, and Lucy, to name a few of the tops. Scope out the full list of last year’s most popular monikers and see how trendy of a cat owner you really are.


Oh yeah, cat outfits and kitty costumes are absolutely a thing… A wonderful way for your cat to progress with the trends of the time!

Which feline trends are you most into? Share your thoughts and pictures on our Facebook!

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