Ways to Spoil Kitty this National Cat Day

woman petting her cat

Just because we specialize in dog nutrition doesn’t mean we don’t have a soft spot for cats, too! October 29 marks National Cat Day – a chance to celebrate all the fabulous felines out there and recognize what makes them so special. We appreciate cats’ selective and genuine nature, their whacky playful side, and we especially love when they’re feeling cuddly and affectionate. In honor of National Cat Day, here are a few thoughtful ways to pamper them no matter what mood they’re in.

  • Special Treats. Go on, buy the slightly expensive treats you know they would love but have always talked yourself out of because of price.
  • Enhance their Naps. Seeing as cats sleep 12-16 hours a DAY, today’s the perfect day to bring home a new bed or scratcher that perfectly matches your living room. (And, if you don’t want to spend the money, you could always bring home a new box. Seriously! They love them! Just be sure to take it away before they start chewing the corners to shreds.)
  • Something New to Chase, Bat, and Destroy. You know your cat’s favorite kind of toy; why not say ‘I love you’ with something new and exciting for them to track, hunt, and harmlessly hold in their mouth while they run around the house.
  • Kitty Massage. Oh yes, it exists and can totally benefit your cat… but only if they’re open to being touched by new people!


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