Ways to Save on Holiday Traveling with Pets

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Are you traveling with your pet this year?

It’s no secret that the holidays aren’t exactly an inexpensive time of year. Believe us, we know that between gifts, meals, and travel it never hurts to save where you can. If you’re planning a trip this holiday season you know that certain preparations must be made; if you plan on bringing your pet along, it can add a whole new level of needs… and expenses. It’s inevitable that bringing your pet along will mean additional fees, but it can be so worth it to have them near you during a time of togetherness. Before you book anything, here are a couple of tips and resources to help you save some cash so you can include your pet in the holiday love…

Car vs. Plane.

If your destination is close enough, consider driving. Not only is it less stressful on you and your pet, it’s also a nice break for your wallet. As an added bonus, you can pack as much as you want, stop often, and you’ll have your vehicle during your vacation!

If you have to fly, fees are likely going to be the same for your pet regardless of the time of year so you’ll have to save on your fare as best you can.

Hotel Fares.

There are PLENTY of websites to find discounted hotel rooms, but Official Pet Hotels.com is obviously exclusive to pet-friendly spots. Combined with Holidayers.com, a site dedicated to finding the best holiday rates, you should be able to save a few bucks!

Stay Prepared.

Make sure you are well prepared on behalf of your pet, because an unexpected vet bill in a new place would be a major yuletide bummer and unforeseen expense. Make sure you have any medications they may need, plenty of food, a sweater if needed, and their leash, harness, and collar with proper identification.

  • Pro-Tip: Pack more than your intended stay in the event of getting delayed in adverse weather.


Do you have any tricks to saving money this holiday season? Do tell! Mention us on Twitter @StewartPet.


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