Two Is Better Than One

Many dog lovers who own a dog consider adding another loyal companion to the family. The usual intention is to have a friend for your current dog to play and bond with. Depending on your situation, getting a second dog could either be the best thing you do or a complete disaster. To ensure your next pup brings an abundance of joy and ease, here are some things to consider before bringing home your next best friend.

  • The cost for an extra dog will 2 doggiesdouble
  • The responsibilities will double
  • Determine your current dog’s behavior before adding a new dog
  • Make sure your current dog is healthy and updated on shots and medications
  • Spay or Neuter at least one of the dogs so they do not procreate
  • Make sure you have complete control over your first dog, otherwise you might get overwhelmed with two dogs not obeying
  • Understand your current dog’s behavior, age, breed, gender, size, and energy levels to choose the perfect friend- an older dog might not feel comfortable with a puppy’s energy level and could get agitated
  • When you have found the next member of the family, introduce both dogs in a neutral environment so territorial issues do not arise

Dogs bring ample amounts of love and joy to their owners, but doing your research first and taking your time to find the best fit for your family will determine the amount of stress you and your dogs will have.


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