Turkey for dogs: A lean protein your dog will gobble up

Turkey for dogs

Turkey for dogs? Yes Please!

We don’t know about you, but the first thing that comes to our minds when we think of November is Thanksgiving… which inevitably turns our thoughts to turkey! We are pleased to report that this is one tradition your dog can gladly get in on (well, sort of.) What we’re trying to say is that turkey is actually a wonderful protein source for your pet because it’s low in fat and can be easily absorbed into your pet’s system. Why is this important, you ask? Allow us to explain all about Turkey for dogs.

Protein is an essential nutrient to your pet’s growth and development.

In fact, it’s quite possibly the most important part of your pet’s diet. Without protein, animals can experience low energy, skin problems and behavioral issues just for starters. Low protein can also contribute to weak or deformed bone development. And did you know that a weakened immune system can slow healing and cause sickness (hello, vet bills.)

Not all protein sources are created equal.

You see, some may be high in fat or have a low biological value. The biological value  is how easily the protein is digested and absorbed. (Remember: it doesn’t matter how much they eat, it’s how much they digest that’s important.)

Which brings us to our point.

Not only is turkey is low in fat but it’s high in easily-absorbed protein, making it an ideal part of your pet’s diet. If you want to treat your pet to a little piece of turkey this Thanksgiving, go for it! Just be sure it’s a leaner piece without the bone. Remove the skin and be aware of portion control (because it’s not just turkey, there are seasonings in there that dogs shouldn’t overdo it on.)

For the other 364 days a year, our Raw Naturals™ Turkey Recipe has all that lean protein freeze dried into a convenient, easy-to-feed daily diet so you know your pet’s getting proper protein, plus some. And of course our Turkey Liver Pro-Treats® can be gobbled up year-round or as a seasonal switch-up!


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