The Trick to Treating: How Much is Too Much?

Chubby pug sitting on scale

Most pet owners really enjoy treating their animal – not only does your companion love it but just imagine eating the same thing every. single. day. Ugh, unbearable. So, treats are a great way to give them a little something different while letting them know you appreciate them. But there’s a trick to treating that not every owner gets the hang of and we’re going to let you in on it right now:

You have to feed your pet less.


Seriously – that’s pretty much it. As the owner you know how much you treat and what kind of treats you’re giving; a small piece of lean beef liver is very different from a full rawhide bone or a few large dog biscuits throughout the day, so cut back on their kibble accordingly. And, of course, always monitor your pet – if they’re putting on weight it’s time to cut back the treats and the feedings until they get back to their ideal weight, then it’s up to you to find the right balance. If you notice they’re losing weight, feed them the recommended amount and keep your treating the same and see how that fares. The bottom line is, you do not want an overweight pet – but that doesn’t mean you can’t both enjoy giving and receiving a few delicious treats every now and then.  Check out our feeding guidelines for each treat to help you decide the appropriate number to give your dog based on their weight. To calculate your dog’s ideal body weight (and to get a visual of what’s healthy), click here.

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