The Luck O’ the Irish Breeds!

What started as a religious celebration for the Irish, St. Patrick’s Day has since evolved into a widespread celebration that includes parades, food, dancing, and a whole lot of green. But it all started in Ireland – which made us think of all the awesome breeds that originated there, too. Here’s a wee recap of some of the breeds that are lucky enough to call themselves Irish.

Irish Wolfhound
Experts think this breed came to Ireland some 5,000 years ago and were once quite the threat on the battlefield. But, now, they’re really just big sweeties with a gentle nature.

Irish Setter
Setters aren’t just beautiful, they’re among the most affectionate breeds in the species when properly exercised and loved. Their high energy can lead to destruction if they’re not taken out to run, ideally once a day. There’s also the Red and White Setter, which has a white coat with spots of mahogany.

Irish Terrier
This active, headstrong breed requires considerable physical activity daily and a dominant leader. They’re sturdy, smart, and have a thirst for action, making them great for agility training.

Irish Lurcher
Experts think this breed emerged in the 14th century as a loophole to the British rule that commoners couldn’t own ‘established’ sight hounds, so they bred their own.

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