The Importance of Being Thankful

thanksWhen life seems so hectic, it’s easy to focus on what’s wrong – your laptop’s too slow, your car’s making that sound again, and you don’t even have dinner planned! Believe us, we totally get it. But when you allow yourself to become consumed with negativity , you tend to forget about all the amazing things that are right in front of you. With the onset of November we are instantly taken to thoughts of turkey, sweet potatoes, biscuits, and brown gravy – but when we take a step back from the delicious side of things, we like to focus on the core message of Thanksgiving: being thankful.

It starts by knowing that your thoughts are incredibly powerful – which makes thinking happy thoughts really influential in your overall wellbeing. It’s easy to get wrapped up in all the wrongs of your day, but focusing on just a couple of things that went right can completely dissolve those upsetting shortcomings. Noticing even the tiniest of things, like the fact you caught three green lights in a row on the way to work, can really have a domino effect on the things you choose to notice and what falls by the wayside. Long story short: think like your dog, who rolls around in the good things and simply kicks dirt and walks away from the bad.

Just welcoming a positive thought can have a ripple effect on your entire perspective with time. Being grateful also offers a chance to be present, as you’re looking for things in the current moment to notice and have a positive impact on your day – something that seems rare in these days of emails, cyberspace, and responsibilities.

Here are a couple of our favorite little things to be grateful for:
A beautiful day, the smell of fresh air
When a stranger holds the door
A gorgeous sunrise or sunset
A delicious cup of coffee, meal, or beverage
When our pets make us laugh
A big, beautiful tree or colorful flowers
No traffic!
Being loved
Cuddles with our pets

Things your pet is thankful for:
Good health
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