The Human-Animal Bond = Incredible

Bond So, we know puppies are cute, and that cats can be finicky, and horses are incredibly regal and adored animals – but it’s their impact on human health that’s really noteworthy. From PTSD to depression, anxiety, and heart health, spending time with a pet has proven benefits you might not even be aware of. Petting an animal decreases blood pressure and cholesterol, which has positive effects on heart health, and depression can subside just by spending ample time with pets. Most dog owners engage in more physical activity than non-dog owners and owning a pet also benefits your immune system (and helps thwart children’s allergies!) Need we say more? Yes? Well, ok! Their unconditional love combats feeling of loneliness, which can fuel depression, as well as simply making you feel loved (seriously, what’s better than being greeted by your companion after a long day’s work?) Pets also help with recuperation – research shows that patients with a companion animal tend to have better recovery rates (in addition to combating depression that can sometimes come with illness or surgery.) Bonus benefit: they help you meet people! Pets can be an instant ice breaker as well as a way to get yourself out and about without feeling alone – from parks to training classes, your pet may be the key to your newest friend or love interest! We’d love to see photos of your special pals. Visit our Community page online to share and view other adorable pals!

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