Thanksgiving Tips for Pets

By now, we’re sure you’re aware that we really love the holiday season. Something about cold weather, warm ovens, and family get togethers really makes us feel grateful for this time of year. Now, you know when we say family we mean our four legged members too, which is why we’re offering you some quick safety tips to keep Thanksgiving safe for everyone.

• Watch what they eat – When a holiday is centered around food, it can be tough not sharing the special occasion with your pup – and that’s okay. A bite of some cooked turkey or a small spoonful of mashed potatoes certainly won’t be damaging, but make sure they don’t overindulge. The most important thing to keep out of pets’ reach are poultry bones and sweets, but also be aware of onions and herbs used in side dishes, as those should be kept out of Fido’s dish.
• Consider giving them a place – Whether it’s a bed, crate, platform, or their favorite room, designating a place for your pet to retreat to may help thwart unwanted begging or jumping on guests. Not only will they begin enjoying the peacefulness of their place, but it helps you be consistent when training. *Pro-Tip: Stuff some Pro-Treats in an interactive toy during mealtime to keep Fido busy while in his safe place.

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