Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

Many of us dog owners have tried to teach our dog a trick or two at some point, whether it is stay, come, lay down, etc. What if you have an older dog that shows zero interest in the matter? Satisfy his needs with the wide selection of Stewart® Raw Naturals™. Teaching your loyal companion some basic tricks will create a better bond between the two of you and in case of an emergency, knowing your dog will listen to you is crucial. Below are some tricks to try and some delicious treats to help along the way.

“Sit Command”

  • Wait until your dog sits naturally-when he does reward with a Stewart® Pro-Treat®
  • Try this several times
  • Now say “sit” when he sits and reward him
  • Repeat until he understands and will sit by command only

“Come Command”

  • Confront your dog and say the command you choose, like “come” and reward with a Pro-Treat®OBEY® treat
  • Repeat several times
  • Now go across the room and give the command
  • When the dog comes, pet his head and neck and reward with a treat
  • Then try the command from different distances and rooms
  • When he has mastered this, try the command when he is distracted and reward with Stewart® Raw Naturals™ Freeze Dried Treats

“Play Dead Trick”

  • With a Stewart® treat in your hand, have your dog lie down and guide him until he is on his back
  • Reward with a Pro-Treat® OBEY®
  • Repeat a few times
  • Now use the command “Play Dead” while repeating the previous steps
  • Once he rolls on his back on his own reward with a large treat
  • Repeat until he can “play dead” just by your command alone

While training, keep commands short, about one to two syllables and keep training session under an hour. Also, switch up treats depending on difficulty of trick so your pooch stays engaged. No matter what age or attention span your dog has, he will certainly listen and obey once he experiences Stewart® treats. For more Stewart® products, click here.

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