Tips on Getting Kitty to the Vet

While we usually talk canine here at Stewart, we know and love felines just as much – which is why we want to remind you of the importance of taking your cat to the vet. While studies have shown that cats visit the vet less often than their canine counterparts, it certainly doesn’t mean they require less professional care. The general rule of thumb is to bring kitty in for a vet visit at least once a year, though twice annually is ideal. But, we totally get why owners only opt to transport their cat when they really need to, as it can be a pretty traumatic event for both cat and human – here are a few quick tips to help make the vet less stressful on your cat.
• Start at home. Give your cat thorough check-ups at home, noting anything new (fur loss, sensitive spots, lumps, etc.) and monitoring said abnormalities. Get them used to being handled in a way that requires them to be still and submissive.
• The Cat Carrier. Let the carrier be part of your cat’s life and not just their vessel to take them to the scary doctor. Introduce it as soon as possible and leave the door open for them to retreat to. If your cat gets used to being in there, it will make for a much more peaceful ride and wait. Note: the carrier should be big enough for your cat to stand up, turn around, and lay down in.
• Pheromone Sprays. Some say it calms their cat down. It’s worth a shot!
• Be their Support. There’s no way around a few pokes and prods while at the vet, so be there for your cat. If you can, hold them and talk in a calm, soothing voice; let them know everything will be okay. (You can even try treating them throughout the process if they’re receptive. And definitely reward afterward!)

Cats can be masters of disguise, meaning there could be a health issue happening and you could have no idea; if it’s been awhile since your cat’s visited the doctor, then consider it time for kitty’s check up!

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