Summer Safety, BBQ Style

dogs at barbeque

If you ask us, nothing says summer like a BBQ. There’s just something about being outside eating flame-cooked food in the company of family and friends that feel so seasonally perfect. For most people, hosting or attending a summer BBQ is a given – making it inevitable that some pets will also be in attendance. While safety should be the priority any time a group of people and pets come together, it’s especially important once you add an open flame, cooked bones, and possible alcohol in the mix. Whether you’re the party thrower or the party goer, here are a few things to keep in mind on behalf of the pets at your next event.

  • Watch the Grill. Most pets are wise enough to know that if something is extremely hot that it’s not to be played with but be proactive in preventing them from learning the hard way. Unless you know your pet won’t mess with it, have the grill in a place your pet won’t get to or make sure there’s always someone nearby to keep an eye on the BBQ.
  • Scraps Go in the Trash. Be diligent in reminding guests not to give your pet any of their leftovers, not only because a lot of BBQ food isn’t good for them (onions, cooked bones, etc.) but it also really ups their chances of overeating. If your pet has a habit of getting into the trash, make sure everything goes into a receptacle they can’t get into, preferrably with a lid to stifle the scent.
  • Be Considerate. If it’s your pet at someone else’s house, their pet at yours, or the host’s own animal: be polite. Be calm around new pets and make sure your pet can be calm around new people. Keep an eye out to make sure no one’s messing with the animal or feeding them anything they shouldn’t have. Remember that social gatherings can be frightening for some pets (while others will be the center of attention!)
  • Keep ‘em Included. For pets who like to socialize, let them be part of the action! In addition to their water bowl, you can set out a bowl of nutritious treats for guests to give and, for the pups who like to swim, let ‘em splash around! Just make sure they’re not being a nuisance to your guests. For pets who may not want to be part of the fun, let them have a room to themselves and put a sign on the door for guests not to enter.

BBQs? Hikes? Pool parties? Show us how your pet enjoys summer!

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