Stewart® Flavor Enhancer™

dog eating

Do you have a picky eater? Is your pet refusing to eat? Cats and dogs can refuse to eat for many reasons such as; the stress of being kenneled, traveling, having to eat medicated meals, recent illness or surgery, or even just switching food types. Your pet not eating can be stressful on you and them, making the problem even worse. Stewart® Flavor Enhancer™ was made to help entice your pet to eat. With flavors of real beef or chicken and no artificial preservatives, your pet will be begging for food in no time. Stewart® Flavor Enhancer™ is 100% all natural, and made in the USA with just a single ingredient. Shake ½ tsp of flavor enhancer for every 10 pounds of body weight onto food and mix together. If you are feeding dry food, add a little water to mix up the flavor enhancer. Stewart® Flavor Enhancer™ has a strong, delectable taste that will help your pet eat in any situation.

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