Spring into Warm Weather Fun!

At last! Some sunshine and maybe even a few blossoms! Spring is one of our favorite times of year to get outside with our dogs and enjoy the new colors and warmth on our faces. The weather can still be unpredictable in many regions this time of year, but if you’re blessed with a beautiful day, here are some fun activities you and your pet can do to welcome spring.

Of course there are the obvious favorites like fetch at the park, walks, and hikes, but if you’re looking for something new this season consider these:

  • Movies in the park. You most likely know if your town does this type of thing, but check the events calendar and make sure it’s dog-friendly before grabbing a blanket and heading to the park. Quick tip: take your dog for a walk or run prior to eliminate excessive energy and keep your party to the outskirts to be mindful of families. Don’t forget his Stewart® Pro-Treats®!
  • Host a puppy wash. Wrangling dogs into the bathtub can be a hassle, but with warmer weather all you need is a hose and some Miracle Care Shampoo. Have some friends come over with their pups and enjoy sunshine and clean companions! Quick tip: if you have some real water lovers on your hands, consider a fun sprinkler for them to run through or kiddy pool to splash in.
  • Camping/Boating. If you have the means, plan a short trip somewhere close and enjoy some new scenery. Make sure the campground is dog-friendly and be sure to pack everything your dog will need for safety (flea/tick collar, life vest, sunscreen for their noses, first aid kit, etc.). Also, be sure to check the weather forecast so you know how to pack, as the nights might still be cool.

Remember, you don’t need to go all out – your dog simply enjoys spending time with you and any activity you do together strengthens your connection. Enjoy the sunshine!

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