So, What Exactly is Freeze Dried?

Untitled Untitled1By now you’ve probably heard and seen all about our freeze-dried raw food and treats and, while you may know your dog loves them, you might not know what exactly freeze dried is. Freeze dried simply means the moisture has been extracted but the nutrients remain. Fresh foods consist largely of water. Fresh, raw food is freeze dried using a vacuum chamber in which controlled temperature and pressure eliminates the moisture from the food in its frozen state.

Why do we freeze dry? Not only does it make the bags and tubs feel lighter to carry (which is always more convenient, right?) but it stabilizes the shelf life without refrigeration, which also proves to be pretty convenient. But not to worry, the flavors and nutrients of a raw diet are still completely intact. And, of course, all of our foods remain grain-, gluten-, and preservative-free and are comprised of responsibly resourced ingredients, so you know your dog is getting the best!

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