September is Disaster Preparedness Month

This month marks Disaster Preparedness Month, a reminder to humans not to wait until it’s too late to prep for emergencies. For our pet-loving purposes, we like to direct that same consideration their way – while you’re out stocking up on food, water, and medicines for your family, don’t forget your pets! Emergency situations can get pretty chaotic, so here are a few quick tips to help ensure pets are taken care of without added stress:

• Make a plan with your family on how to stay safe and communicate in the event of a disaster. If the plan involves evacuating to a shelter, be sure they’ll accept pets. If not, talk with friends outside your immediate area who are willing to host your animals.

• Have extra food, water, and medications for your pet; ideally enough to last at least two to four weeks.

• Have an extra carrier and/or leash and harness ready, even for cats.

• Make sure all I.D. information is up-to-date and tags are being worn

• Designate a family member to be in charge of the pet to avoid duplicating efforts

• Consider a reflective vest, collar, leash, or lighted clip attachment to help keep pets visible.

• Always have a first aid kit handy

For more tips on making emergency provisions for pets, visit http://www.ready.gov/caring-animals.

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