Say Cheese! 5 Tips for Purrfect Pet Pics

May is National Photography Month

While there’s no shortage of beautiful things to snap a picture of, one of our favorite things to focus the lens on is our pet. But picture taking can be tricky; sure, for some it may be as simple as point and click but true photography takes a little consideration – things like lighting, orientation, composition, and even intention are all thought about before the shutter clicks. These days, you don’t even need a super fancy camera to get portrait-quality photos, as most smart phones are constantly improving the lens right in your back pocket – so what are you waiting for? The perfect, sweetest, most adorable subject is already waiting by your front door (or windowsill) – so get to clicking! To help get you started, here are 5 tips to keep in mind for perfect pet pictures this month.

1. Use Natural Light.

Let’s face it, people rarely look better with a flash and pets are no different. Natural light will give the picture a soft look and avoid unsightly red eye; not to mention a flash may startle your pet. Try to get them near a window or in the backyard for the picture-perfect glow.

2. Get on their Level.

You can’t expect most pets to pose, so be sure you go to where they are to snap a candid rather than calling them over and expecting them to sit patiently – and switch it up! Try to snap a picture from their perspective or another different vantage point rather than the usual top view.

3. Capture their Personality.

You know your pet the best, so try to capture their personality! If your dog’s a chow hound, try to catch them catching a Pro-Treat or waiting for their dinner; if your cat’s a hunter try to snap them on the prowl. There are SO many ways to convey your pet’s personality in a picture; you just have to get creative!

4. Get their Attention.

For a beautifully natural, alert, and head-on image, let your pet relax while you get your equipment set up just right. Once ready, call or whistle to your animal and hit the shutter button when they perk their head up to meet your call. Some of our best snapshots have come about this way!

5. Be Patient.

Remember, this is supposed to be fun and you are working with animals so patience is necessary. Don’t get ahead of yourself with grandiose ideas of the perfect image, let the situation play out and snap accordingly. And play around! Try different angles, vantage points, and lighting techniques – you may surprise yourself!

#SeasonOfPets Show us your phodography! Snap a few pictures of your furry friends and post them to our page using our hashtag #SeasonOfPets – we’ll share our favorites throughout the month!


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