Pumpkin: The Secret Ingredient for Stomach Issues

When your pet has minor digestive upset, it’s hard not to feel a little helpless. Aside from cutting back on anything extra in their diet, it’s one of those situations where there’s not much a pet parent can do besides monitor the issue and hope it passes in a reasonable amount of time. Of course, we always recommend consulting your veterinarian in regards to any health issue, but when it comes to diarrhea or constipation, there’s a little-known home remedy in the pet world we’re about to let you in on: canned pumpkin. No, this isn’t us partaking in the human trend of “pumpkin spiced everything,“ this is a real solution that’s here to stay.

The most important thing is to get all-natural, unsweetened pumpkin – absolutely never use pumpkin pie filling, as it will have the opposite effect you want it to and merely make matters worse. From there, put a large dollop on top of their kibble or let them lick a good amount off the spoon; start with a teaspoon for small dogs and a heaping tablespoon for large.

The way it works is this: pumpkin is naturally high in soluble fiber, which means it’s absorbed into the system quickly and efficiently. In cases of diarrhea, the fiber absorbs the excess moisture in the stool to aid in reestablishing the right consistency. When it comes to constipation, the pumpkin softens the stool and makes elimination more comfortable for pets.

We suggest grabbing a couple of cans the next time you’re at the store to have in the pantry the next time a digestive upset happens. Some pet owners integrate it into daily mealtime to keep things running smoothly, but all dogs taste is a delicious treat!

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