Pets & The Environment: Being Conscious Matters

When you’re shopping for your pet, how often do you consider the environment in your purchases? Don’t worry, it’s not a connection most people make – but owning an animal certainly impacts our carbon footprint. Earth Day is April 22, and we wanted to take the opportunity to remind everyone that when it comes to the environment, being conscious and proactive is becoming our only option. Here are a few tips and things to look for to be a more eco-conscious pet parent.
Biodegradable pick up bags. Pet waste is impossible to avoid, so if you’re going to take the time to pick it up, you may as well dispose of it right. Regular plastic bags won’t break down and, thus, neither will what’s inside.
Recycled/DIY. Look for brands that boast that their toys are made from recycled plastic or can at least be recycled; you can even take it a step further and make your own toys from old shirts, water bottles, and more.
Resourcing. Unfortunately, some major companies don’t responsibly resource their ingredients and most pet owners are completely unaware they’re supporting it. The U.S. has more regulations in place when it comes to pet food, so the best place to start is with brands that are made in the USA. Furthermore, the less processing, the better – not just for nutritional purposes, but also for the environment. Read more about the ingredients we use in our Learning Center under Product Benefits. Or, you can always contact us with specific questions you may have.

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