The many Ways of Educating Kids – Classroom Pets

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Pets and education

August always gets us thinking about back to school and new ways to keep education fun and interesting. Seeing as our kids are animal lovers, we searched “pets and education”, just to see if there was a correlation. Not only are there a multitude of benefits when it comes to pets and learning but there’s even a grant program! Pets in the Classroom covers the costs of classroom pets (how rad is that?!). The reason is simple: Most children respond well to animals because there’s no fear of judgment or rejection. Why? they are and interactive accessory to lesson plans! Classroom pets teach children responsibility. They increase emotional intelligence (a.k.a. empathy) and ultimately  self-esteem.

Additionally, classroom pets boost immunity, prompt interest in otherwise mundane lesson plans, and can even ease classroom tensions. Of course, it doesn’t necessarily need to be a classroom pet – pet ownership at home will also help teach, comfort, and progress a child in their formative school years.

If your child is in grade K – 9 and you think their classroom could benefit from a small animal, talk to their teacher about applying for a Pets in the Classroom grant. The studies don’t lie! It could change your child’s whole perspective on going to school.

Do you have a picture of your kid reading to your cat or practicing a speech in front of your dog? We’d love to see it on Facebook!

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