Pets Can Go Gluten Free, Too!

Gluten Free PetsIt seems like recently everywhere we turn one of our friends is going gluten free – and they’re always thrilled with the results. While the trend has endured some skepticism, there are loads of articles about the benefits of keeping your diet simpler and cleaner – and the same rules apply to pets! From severe allergies to weight control, the Internet is riddled with stories of a gluten free diet changing pets’ lives, which is exactly why you won’t see a lick of it in our food or treats.

Rather than it being a lifestyle choice on behalf of the owners, pets can also be gluten intolerant. Signs of intolerance are chronic GI upsets (diarrhea, constipation, vomiting in extreme cases), dry/flaky skin, hair loss, rashes, and scratching, as well as chronic ear infections. Before doing anything drastic to your pet’s daily diet, consult your veterinarian to pinpoint the perfect food regime. For more about how we do things around here, check out our About Us page.

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