Pet Obesity Awareness

Chubby cats and dogs are the cutest, but underneath all that extra fluff could be a health issue waiting to emerge. Pet obesity has become more aware in the United States, given that over half of cats and dogs are overweight or obese. Overweight pets can develop arthritis, diabetes, and many other life risking issues if not taken care of. Some reasons our pets may become overweight is because of lack of exercise, which is why just 30 minutes of walking a day can do wonders for your loving pet.

Obesity can occur in our pets when we are:pet obesity

  • Feeding them more food than they should be fed
  • Providing them with high calorie dog food
  • Rewarding with fatty treats
  • Feeding table food and scraps

All of these factors, combined with not enough exercise, is the perfect mixture for an overweight pup. Some useful tips to lessen the inches and increase the heartrate for your dog are:

  • Frequent walks- even if they are short 15 minute walks twice a day
  • Playing fetch
  • Running around at the dog park
  • Having a play date with another dog

All of these activities can increase not only yours, but your dog’s overall health. Exercising your dog is a very important part of good health, but don’t forget the diet. Stewart® Raw Naturals™ comes in freeze dried and frozen raw dog food packed with nutrients and vitamins to increase your dog’s health. Along with our raw dog food, Stewart® Pro-Treat™ Liver Treats only contain 6 calories per treat, perfect for a good dog who deserves a reward.

As always, talk to your veterinarian before changing your dog’s diet and be aware of how much exercise your dog can handle.

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