Pet Obesity Awareness: What You Can Do

chubby pug dog on scale

October 11 is national Pet Obesity Awareness Day. It’s an unfortunate fact that nearly 54% of dogs and 59% of cats are considered clinically obese; which translates into literally millions of unhealthy animals (42 million dogs and 50 million cats, to be exact.)  The same way a life of being overweight can negatively impact human health, it can also drastically affect your pet’s longevity (and their happiness.) Knowing we have a limited time to enjoy our companion, we do everything we can to keep their weight in check because it is truly one of, if not the biggest, contributor to their health and well being. Hence why we pride ourselves on providing lean, nutritious diets for dogs… because it matters.

Of course, we’re all guilty of  letting our pets indulge in some of the delicious foods we do – but there has to be a balance.  Being overweight can cause such conditions as: High blood pressure, Diabetes, and Cancer.  The good news is, problems associated with being overweight can be combated by simply monitoring the amount of food (and treats) you’re feeding your pet.  If you treat your pet throughout the day, decrease the amount of their meals by ¼ cup or whatever amount works for you to help them maintain a healthy weight.  Don’t forget how crucial it is to measure your pet’s portions- find a scoop or measuring cup that will allow you to easily measure the right amount every time.  Lastly, what you feed matters. Choose a food that includes single source proteins and other necessary nutrients from natural sources.  And, of course, never discount the importance of exercise.  Keeping lean can add two wonderful years to both of your lives.

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