Obedience Training: Why it Matters

Obedience training is the single most important thing you can do for your dog. It not only develops a better pet, but the training process helps form a lifelong bond between the two of you. So make that commitment to your dog’s future—ask your veterinarian or pet professional to recommend a good obedience school—and look to Stewart® for the products you need to help train your dog effectively.

Why a Special Training Treat?
Dog owners who reward their pets with fatty meats, salty snacks, high-preservative semi-moist treats, risk the ill effects of unbalanced and poor nutrition. For obedience training and good behavior reinforcement, you need a treat that’s nutritious, great-tasting, easy to chew and swallow, and convenient to carry.

Stewart® Pro-Treat® Freeze Dried Liver Treats combine all of these features. They are made from only 1 ingredient, 100% pure liver without additives or preservatives. Our Freeze Dried Liver Treats have been the standard used by professional trainers for over 40 years.  They are convenient, easy to feed and (most importantly), irresistible to your dog!  Use as part of your training program, then anytime as a nutritious treat to reward good behavior.

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