New Year, New Diet

Let us guess…last time your pet went to the vet, you were told that your companion is a few pounds overweight but you just can’t help but give him 2-3 “cookies” every day for being a good dog. Sound familiar? It’s important that we as pet owners take responsibility for our dog’s health, not only because they can’t do it themselves, but because they deserve to and should be healthy.

As the new year approaches, we encourage you to include them in your New Year resolutions and resolve to exercise more and live healthier lives WITH your pets.

UntitledTo help you do just that, we have a line of raw food products that provide balanced nutrition and are perfect for keeping your dogs healthy and at an optimum energy level. Offering, Raw Naturals freeze dried food, Raw Naturals frozen food and functionally nutritious Pro-Treats, all of which are produced in the USA. Our products are made only with wholesome, all natural, human-grade ingredients because nothing is more important to us than helping you take the best care of your pets! Pets are similar to us in that, when we eat junk or don’t get enough balanced nutrition, we feel sluggish, tired, achy….well the same goes for our pets. Paying attention to the ingredients in your pets’ food, and the amount you’re feeding them, can make a world of difference both physically and mentally for them.

So, as you sit down and make those New Year resolutions, keep your pets’ health in mind and live life at a 100 percent. Being healthy starts in the kitchen and that’s true for you and your furry friends!

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