National Pet Wellness Month

National Pet Wellness Month Here at Stewart Pet, if there’s one thing we specialize in, it’s pet wellness. Sponsored in part by the American Veterinary Medical Association, this month is dedicated to the importance of regular wellness checkups and disease prevention. While nutrition isn’t specifically mentioned as a facet of this awareness holiday, we think proper nourishment is a major contributor to your pet’s health and wellbeing – hence why all of our food and treats boast simple, all natural, and safely sourced ingredients that pet parents can feel good feeding their furry friends.

Routine wellness check ups are also integral to your pet’s health, as it’s one of the most proactive ways to prevent serious problems. Don’t wait until your pet is showing outward signs of an ailment to make an appointment with your vet. The good news is that routine vaccines are the perfect opportunity for your vet to check on your pup, so make sure you schedule the appointment as soon as that reminder post card arrives!

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