National Pet First Aid Awarenesss Month

April is National Pet First Aid Awareness Month, an opportunity to bring pet safety to the forefront of people’s minds, just in time for summertime adventure. When we think of first aid kits we usually attribute them to human needs; a splint for a rolled ankle, bandages and gauze for cuts or abrasions, tweezers for splinters or other skin discomforts – you know the deal. But why would we think for a second that these types of precautions don’t need to be taken when it comes to our dogs? Imagine planning a hike, or overnight camping trip, and Fido unfortunately suffers an injury. While you can cut your trip short, there’s still immediate action that should be taken to prevent the injury from getting worse – cue: the first aid kit.

Whether you pick up an extra kit from your neighborhood drug store, or get a pet-specific kit from the pet supplies store, it’s absolutely worth it to know you can treat a minor injury on the trail, campground, or even at home. Let this month serve as a friendly reminder, the next time you see a first aid kit, pick up an extra for Fido!


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