National Pet First Aid Awareness Month- April

As responsible pet owners, we are always making sure our loyal companions have our best interest. April is the month focusing on first aid for all pets. This should not only be awareness for only April, but all the months out of the year. Making sure you know what to do in case of an emergency could save your pet’s life. A few tips to consider during this awareness month are below:

  • To check if your pet is dehydrated, pinch the skin on the top of your pet’s neck. If dog-126164_640the skin does not retract back to its original form, your pet could be dehydrated.
  • In case of an instance of food poisoning, check to see if your pet has dilated pupils or if foaming or drooling from the mouth.
  • If your pet happens to have a seizure, do not try to restrain any part of their body. Also, do not put your hand in your pet’s mouth in case of confusion and accidental biting.
  • If your pet gets bit by another dog take him to the vet immediately, even if it is a small wound.

Most likely none of these instances will occur, but just in case, you will know what to do. For more tips visit

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