National Pet Day: How Millions of Pet-Owning Households Can Participate


Tuesday, April 11, is National Pet Day – an awareness holiday intended to bring attention not only to your own relationship with your animal, but also to the less fortunate buddies in your community. And with so many pet lovers throughout the U.S., there’s certainly no shortage of compassion out there! How many pet lovers, you may ask?

According to a study conducted by the American Pet Products Association, there are nearly 80 million pet owning households in the United States caring for animals ranging from dogs to horses to saltwater fish (which may just be our favorite thing about pets: there’s truly an animal for every lifestyle!) This week, in honor of National Pet Day, we hope you’ll take the opportunity to spoil your pet a little more, but also do a little something for the pets still waiting for their forever homes. Something like…

  • Buying your pet a new treat or toy.
  • Taking your pet, or a shelter dog, on a walk or other fun outing.
  • Donate! Whether it’s food, pet supplies, or cleaning supplies – there’s no way your local shelter or rescue won’t appreciate the sentiment.
  • Volunteer! It doesn’t matter if it’s just today, once a week, or once a month – donating your time is one of the most compassionate and fulfilling things you can do.
  • Consider fostering or adoption. Seriously, why not?! If you can’t permanently adopt, fostering is a wonderful option – you get to care for a pet while they find their forever home. No only will it enhance their quality of life but it frees up space in the shelter for another buddy who needs it.
  • Spread the word. Awareness is a great way to help the pet population – tell your animal loving friends about National Pet Day and get them involved. When it comes to helping, the more the merrier!

What did we miss? Show us how you plan on celebrating National Pet Day!

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