Let’s Talk Pet Presents

puppy with presents

Alright, it’s getting down to the wire for holiday shopping and we’re sure there’s a pet or pet lover still waiting to be crossed off the list. Instead of aimlessly wandering the pet store aisles for an idea, we thought we’d offer a little help. Of course the brands and designs are completely up to you, but here are a few of our favorite, last minute gifts to give our four-legged friends. Don’t forget to add your pet to the Stewart pet gallery.

  • The gift of comfort. A new bed is a great gift for dogs who like to cozy up when they sleep or get cold easily, or maybe a convenient travel bed for the pet owner who frequently hits the road with Fido. And with so many design options, it should be easy to find something to fit the recipient’s personal style.
  • The gift of spirited style. Seasonal accessories are something most pet owners don’t spend much money on, but who doesn’t love a spirited pet? Whether it’s a Christmas collar, a Hanukkah sweater, or even red and green nail polish, there’s no shortage of gift options for a fashionable Fido.
  • The gift of warmth. Despite what some may think, certain dog’s coats could use a boost, especially shorthaired outdoorsy breeds (like Weimaraners and German Shorthaired Pointers) and small dogs. A new doggy coat is a functional, thoughtful gift for the people who love to hike with their dogs year round or anyone who lives where it snows, really.
  • The gift of entertainment. Of course new toys are always a great option, but put a little thought into it! Read up on your dog toy safety first! From automatic ball launchers to indestructible bones and creative squeak (or squeak-less) toys, you should have no trouble tailoring this gift to the pet you’re buying for.

Happy shopping and stay safe with your pet holiday travel this year.

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