Let’s Chat About Chipping

Don’t get us wrong, tags are a wonderful (and responsible) way to identify your pet should they ever get lost, but their real ticket home is a microchip. Collars and tags can fall off, but a microchip goes wherever your pet goes and will last their entire lifetime.
A microchip is about the size of a grain of rice and is painlessly inserted just underneath the skin between your dog or cat’s shoulders (most pets don’t even react while it’s happening.) The microchip has a number that exists in an international database, which comes up when scanned by a vet or shelter. There are a variety of companies you can enroll your pet’s chip with but, thanks to the American Animal Hospital Association, the database is easily searchable by chip number; if your information is up to date, it allows the vet or shelter to find you and reunite you with your pet.
Even indoor pets can get outside and wander off, so talk with your vet about this painless and nearly foolproof way of making sure your pet always comes home.

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