Last Minute Gifts for Fido

fidoThis year, half of all dog owners will buy Fido a gift for Christmas. Considering that there are over 83 million dogs owned, that makes for millions of presents for pets. Don’t let the holidays sneak up on you – here are a couple of great gift ideas for your pet (or the dog-loving neighbor you just know will stop by with a basket of her homemade soaps.)

A Snazzy New Getup – Give Fido a fresh new look with any of our great Hamilton collars, harnesses, and leashes. Our Gunmetal Collection boasts a variety of soft colors and our Reflective Collection boosts visibility for added safety.

The Gift of Grooming – Any dog owner knows the importance of keeping Fido looking his best. From our easy-to-use QuickFinder Nail Clippers to our fantastic brushes and combs, there’s a perfect gift for every coat in our Miracle Care line!

Treats – A sure-fire favorite among canines, there are two things to consider when purchasing treats as a gift: does the animal have any food allergies? And, would you give this to your dog to eat? Don’t buy your neighbor’s dog a rawhide from China that you wouldn’t give your own pet. Our Pro-Treats are a perfect edible gift, with just one all-natural, grain-free ingredient and made in the USA, we think this is one treat pets and owners will be happy to receive.

Dental products – Dogs aren’t children, so they won’t realize this is what might be considered a ‘lame’ gift. Whether you opt for our Miracle Care Dental Spray or our new Dental Pro-Treats, optimal dental health is a gift that keeps on giving.

Voila! We hope you take the opportunity to spoil your pooch (or someone else’s) this holiday!

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