Keeping Your Sweetheart Safe this V-Day

Valentines Day Dog

Ah, Valentine’s Day – the celebration of love between two people; a day most humans either love or, well… don’t. Around our offices we have all sorts of statuses – married, single, newly coupled, divorced – but we all have one love in common: our pets. So while some people may relish in getting flowers, cards, and chocolates, us pet people like to appreciate one of the easiest, most fulfilling relationships in our lives and that’s the one we share with our companion animals. But however you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day, it’s important to keep your animal safe, so here are a few Day of Love dangers to avoid and our favorite ways to celebrate.

  • As most of us know, chocolate is harmful to pets when ingested, so keep any candy safely out of their reach. Instead, you can spoil them with wholesome treats so they aren’t even interested in that cellophane-wrapped heart box.
  • Some flowers can be poisonous to pets so keep an eye on your animal if you get any fresh arrangements. Some pets won’t look twice, others may try to take a bite.
  • Only dress your pet up if they truly don’t mind wearing clothes. If you want a spirited animal, you can always opt for a fun collar or trip to the groomer’s.
  • Long Walk or Dog Park. We like to say ‘I love you’ by doing something our pet really enjoys, like a trip to the dog park or other fun playtime.
  • A Little Somethin’ Extra. Whether it’s a couple extra treats or a new bone, dote on your dog a little more this February 14.

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