It’s Responsible Dog Ownership Month!

Oh yes, there’s another awareness holiday this month and this one is among our favorites: it’s Responsible Dog Ownership Month. Coined by the American Kennel Club, Responsible Dog Ownership Month is a nod to owners like you who don’t just love their pets, but take great care of them.

Anyone who’s owned a dog will tell you their loyalty and devotion are unwavering – and your dedication to their care should be the same. Being a responsible pet owner is so much more than a full water bowl and a few scoops of kibble a day, it’s being attuned to your pet’s needs and giving them a sense of comfort they simply don’t get anywhere else. It’s being patient when their listening skills are on the fritz. It’s getting out of bed to feed them, even if it’s an hour before your alarm goes off. Being a responsible dog owner is letting them know how much you appreciate them through treats, walks, and car rides. It’s being aware of their nervous habits and letting other people know to avoid triggering them. It’s paying attention to any new habits, lumps, or bald spots and monitoring them to ensure it’s simply a matter of age. There is so much that goes into being a responsible dog owner.
So, THANK YOU. Thank you for positively contributing to the well being of an animal that loves you more than they love themselves. Thank you for taking them to their annual wellness check ups and assessing anything abnormal. Thank you for opening your home and your heart to an animal that would be lost without you. We know they can’t exactly say it, but the next time your dog puts their head in your lap, or cuddles next to you on the couch, or makes you laugh, that’s them thanking you.

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