It’s National Guide Dog Month!

seeing eye dogSeptember is National Guide Dog Month (or National Service Dog Month, depending where you look), a nod to the dogs who make it their life’s work to keep their owners safe.  What started as a one-time fundraiser by the late Dick Van Patten is now an annual month long celebration of these incredible canines – and we’re all about spreading the word.

The coolest thing about National Guide Dog Month is that it ultimately brought dogs’ capabilities to the forefront; and not just those bred to serve, but any dog with a willingness to learn and help. Did you know that there are organizations who take in rescue animals and training them to assist people in need?  These animals are trained to do everyday tasks like opening doors and navigating through crowds in addition to alerting them of respective health issues and providing emotional support and stability.  From PTSD and autism to diabetes and physical impairments, there’s no job too big for service dogs.

If you’re interested in becoming a trainer or know a rescue pet that’s perfect for something like this, now’s the time to get involved! Hop on the Internet and do a quick search for organizations near you, find out their requirements, and go for it! We guarantee it’ll be an incredibly rewarding experience.

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