It’s Adopt a Senior Pet Month!

There’s something about a white faced dog that really tugs at our heartstrings, so when they end up in a shelter we can’t help but wonder why. November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month, intended to give these elderly companions the recognition they deserve and [hopefully] prompt people to welcome them into their family.

A lot of people go into the shelter with the hopes of adopting a young dog or puppy, which we understand, but have you ever MET a senior dog?! Not only are they already house trained, but their temperament is usually laid back and calm, simply wanting to love and be loved; they’re out of their destructive phase, and can usually get by with short walks around the neighborhood for exercise. Furthermore, senior dogs in shelters need your love the most, as they probably once had a family and are wondering why they’re there. The young dogs will get adopted, but it’s the senior pups that need us most.

We hope you take this month to consider opening your home up to a dog that will immediately become a beloved part of the family – consider adopting a senior pet. And don’t forget our nutritious diets promote health throughout every life stage, seniors included!

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