Pet Storm Safety – Is Your Pet Safe During A Major Storm?

Pet Storm Safety











After seeing the devastation in Texas following Hurricane Harvey, and the developing situation with Irma in Florida, we wanted to take a moment to share some of the fantastic tips we have found to help keep your pet safe and with you during a major weather event.

Pet Storm Safety – Is Your Pet Safe During A Major Storm?

From Laine Doss at the Miami New Times:

Full article here http://bit.ly/2weZRg7

A good emergency checklist for your pet includes the following:

  • Dry/wet food for at least two weeks
  • Manual can opener for canned food
  • Two-week supply of water
  • Bowls
  • Toys
  • Training pads (even if your dog is housebroken, you won’t be walking him during a storm, and the dangers of standing water, debris, and possible downed electrical lines will make walking a dog hazardous to both you and your pet)
  • A litter box and clean litter
  • A two-week supply of any medications your pet might need

In addition, each pet should be wearing a collar with a tag that includes his name and your cell phone number, as well as a rabies tag. If your pet gets out, that could be the only way she will find her way home. If your pet is microchipped, it’s a good idea to go online and make sure your address and phone number are accurate.

You should also have leashes and a portable carrier on hand. They are helpful to secure a fearful pet during the storm and provide a quick getaway if you need to evacuate.

Here are a few tips if you’re riding out the storm at home:

  • Be sure to bring your pet indoors at the first signs of the storm. Conditions could deteriorate quickly.
  • Close off nooks and crannies where your frightened cat or dog might hide.
  • Place frightened pets in crates or carriers and keep them with you.
  • Use thunder shirts or calming salves on your pet to keep him calm.
  • Treats can be used to reassure your pet as well.
  • Now is the time to talk to your vet about using tranquilizers if your pet is overly nervous during a storm.

If you plan to evacuate, bring your pet along:

  • Make a list of pet-friendly hotels in your area. Many of them will waive pet rules during disasters.
  • Keep pets in a carrier. Anxiety, dropping pressure, thunder, and winds all make for unpredictable behaviors in even the calmest cat or dog.
  • Pet owners residing in qualified evacuation zones can participate in pet-friendly evacuation centers. Owners must bring all necessary supplies for their pets, and reservations must be made in advance. Call 311 for a list of pet-friendly shelters in Miami-Dade.

Finally, call friends, family members, your vet, a boarding facility — anything to see if you can find temporary shelter before leaving your pet alone in a house or apartment while a hurricane rages outside.

If you become separated from your pet during the storm

  • make sure you have a recent picture of your pet and
  • contact animals.miamidade.gov as soon as possible after the storm so workers can assist in reuniting you and your pet.
  • Also, you can look for your pet on sites such as petharbor.com and nextdoor.com.

If you encounter a lost pet after the storm:

  • Try the number on the animal’s tag to contact his owner.
  • Take a picture of the pet and post on sites such as petharbor.com and nextdoor.com.
  • Contact Miami-Dade Animal Services at 311.

A list of pet-friendly resources if you need to evacuate:

From Peggy DiPirro of the Palm Beach Post:

Full article here: http://pbpo.st/2eSZc1D

Here is a list of resources recommended by The Humane Society to find pet-friendly lodgings.



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