Introducing Young Dogs to New Things

Like children, when dogs are young they are essentially sponges for new experiences, giving owners a wonderful window to make their dog a social, confident, and well-rounded companion. The ideal age to introduce puppies to new things is from birth to 4 months old, as it’s the most formative time and generally when dogs adhere to their opinion of things. The trick is to introduce them to as many things as possible – we’re talking elevators, baseball games, other dogs, car rides, people, cats, whatever’s safe that you can think of – and to do your best to act as support and protection. How to go about this is relatively simple: go slowly, use a calm tone of voice, and praise, praise, praise.

Of course, you can’t control everything and some things may startle your young dog, but that’s when owner support comes in. Make sure your puppy knows you’re in his corner and willing to remove or protect them from the situation at hand, as that forms an irreplaceable part of your bond.

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