In Honor of National Teddy Bear Day – Teddy Bear Dogs!








Sunday, September 9

is National Teddy Bear Day and, we’ll be honest, the history of the teddy bear isn’t very warm and fuzzy.

How the Teddy Bear Came To Be

President Roosevelt hunted a massive bear in 1902.  Remember, times were different, and game hunting was more accepted than it is today.  News of President Rooevelt’s bear became very big news. Because of this,  the owner of a small shop back in Brooklyn sewed a plush bear, set it in the window, and called it Teddy’s bear. You could say, the rest is history.

Despite their grizzly beginning, teddy bears have since become a beloved toy world-wide. They comfort and entertain millions of children (and dogs too, we’re sure.) In fact, they’re so lovable that some dog breeds get mistaken for the adorable toy – check them out!

Golden Doodles –








With their curly hair and big, beady eyes it’s no wonder these hypoallergenic fluffs could be mistaken for a teddy bear.

Teacup Poodles –








Small, fluffy, with little leathery noses and round brown eyes? Sounds like a teddy bear to us.

Chow Chow Pups –








These little bears have the ears and the fur to pass for a fluffy stuffed bear!

Pomeranians (Teacup or otherwise) –








C’mon, look at them! Their smiling expressions and button eyes look just like a plush, toy bear! 

Does your dog ever get mistaken for a teddy bear? Does your dog have a bear they simply can’t live without? We’d love to see them on our pages! Tweet us @StewartPet and use the hashtags #TeddyBearDay #MyTeddyBear #SeasonOfPets – we can’t wait to ‘aww’ out loud!

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