How Trendy of a Pet Owner Are You?

trendy dog with glasses

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years it’s that the pet industry is constantly evolving (and mirroring human trends more and more.) While humans used to own pets for things like protection, herding, and vermin control, they’re now coveted companions that likely have at least one article of clothing and a plethora of playthings. After a little bit of research into the newest pet trends, here are a few of the front-runners:

  • Pet Insurance. More and more people are taking out a policy on their pet to help with unexpected health issues.
  • Travel. Get out the puppy passports! More owners are opting to bring their pet along on vacation.
  • Green Products. Things like recycled toys, biodegradable poop bags, and responsibly resourced food are making their way onto owners’ radar – and for good reason!
  • Natural Foods. While table scraps or any ol’ kibble used to be the way, reading labels for quality ingredients and sourcing has become second nature for pet owners these days.
  • Accessorizing. Head-to-paw outfits, nail polish, and even dying pets’ fur are an emerging way to accessorize our best friends.

How trendy are you?

1-2 out of 5: You’re in the loop.

3-4 out of 5: Totally trendy.

5 out of 5: Look out, trendsetter! You tell us what’s next!

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