How Stewart Benefits Large Dogs

Dogs come in all different shapes and sizes from a Chihuahua to a Great Dane. Depending on the size of dog, their food intake can also range significantly. Stewart® Raw Naturals™ benefits all dogs and helps with digestive health, hip and joints, and the list goes on.

Stewart® dog food can be used in a variety of ways such as:great dane

  • A complete and balanced diet consisting entirely on Stewart® Raw Naturals™- this provides optimal health benefits
  • Combining with your dog’s current dog food- this boosts your dog’s every day food with added raw nutrients and vitamins
  • As a treat- the variety of sizes and flavors make Raw Naturals™ a perfect, nutritious reward that you can feel good about

Stewart® provides large patty sizes to make it convenient for you to measure the amount of food your dog needs. A detailed feeding guideline is provided for you under each specific food product to make sure you are feeding the right amount for your large pup. Remember that if you mix Stewart® Raw Naturals™ with your dog’s other dog food, proportion both foods to equal the same amount of food your dog needs. 

Every dog, no matter of size, deserves to have supreme nutrition and a long, healthy life. Stewart® Raw Naturals™ strives to make this happen with each product. To learn more  visit our products page.

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