Homemade Fresh and Fruity Frozen Dog Treats

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Summer is well on its way, which means the produce section is finally going beyond apples, oranges, and bananas and providing delicious berries, juicy watermelons, and tangy pineapples for a sweet, healthy frozen dog treat. Yep, summer fruits are definitely a delight – and not just for humans! Of course dogs would love something natural, refreshing, and different as a reward during these warm months – so, in addition to our   Pro-Treats, here are a few of our favorite DIY fresh and fruity treats. (Pro-Tip: You may want to feed your pet these juicy treats outside to avoid sticky tile or stained carpets!)

Pawberry Banana Pupsicles
You’ll need:
¼ large banana
3 strawberries
Ice cubes
Ice mold of your choosing – preferably in a fun, summery shape!

What to Do:
Combine in a blender, pour into mold, freeze and treat!

Have fun with this! You can use a handful of blueberries, a few scoops of watermelon, ¼ of a mango or an ⅛ of a pineapple – just combine with ¼ of a banana and ice cubes, pour, and freeze for a delicious variety pack your dog will love!

Frozen Pawtermelon Surprise
You’ll need:
¼ of a watermelon, cut
Large ice mold

These are a breeze; simply blend the watermelon into a puree, pour into the mold, pop a blueberry in the middle, and freeze. (We admit to making extra for ourselves!)

We’d love to see your dogs enjoying some frozen summertime treats, snap a pic and share it on Facebook!

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