Homeless Animals and You: Ways to Help

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Homeless Animals and You: Ways to Help

Dubbed by the International Society for Animal Rights, August 20th is International Homeless Animals’ Day, intended to bring the homeless pet population to the forefront of people’s minds and intentions. As fellow animal lovers, we understand the sadness of knowing you can’t help every animal in need, but there are a few little things you can do that will make a big difference to the ones in your community.

  • Donate.  Paper towels, bleach, towels, blankets, beds, food, litter – there are so many things shelters need on a daily basis to provide for the animals in their care that any number of these products would be gladly accepted. While we recommend calling the facility to see if there’s anything they really need, donating anything useful is a welcomed gesture.
  • Volunteer.  Whether it’s just Saturday the 20th, every Saturday, or every other weekend, volunteering your time is such an enriching experience for both yourself and the shelter pet(s) you’re helping. Whether you walk the dogs, help clean kennels or litter boxes, or even facilitate adoptions, it’s the volunteers that are the real heroes to these pets.
  • Adopt.  Of course this can’t be a daily solution to helping, but adopting any one of these animals is an amazing way to positively contribute to the homeless pet community – and your life! Pet adoption is rewarding on so many levels: not only are you saving the life of your new companion, but you just made room for a pet on the streets.
  • Prevent Litters. Spaying and neutering your animal is one of the most direct and responsible ways to ensure the number of unwanted pets won’t grow. It may seem like a routine and obvious thing to do, but it can truly make a difference.

We hope you take International Homeless Animals’ Day as an opportunity to help the pets who need us most. Already helping? Share how with our Facebook community!

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