Guests and Pets: Tips to Make it Work

For some, the onset of the holiday season means houseguests and, for pet owners, that can be a bit of a wild card. Pets and guests can be a tricky balancing act when hosting, but we’re here to offer a few quick tips to help you enjoy your company and your pets during the holidays.
• Be Proactive – Put signs on your guests’ door reminding them to close it behind them to avoid pet hair or a nosy animal rummaging through their things. It also doesn’t hurt to put a sign on the front door if your pet tends to escape.
• Pre-Approved Treats – Some guests will have the overwhelming urge to be your pet’s favorite by treating them, which is a sweet gesture but can cause weight gain and stomach upsets. Try setting out a box of pre-approved treats with a note that guests can give your pet one special something per day. Pro-Tip: Think small, healthier treats you won’t mind them having a few of per day – Pro-Treats are perfect.
• Train – This goes both ways – don’t shy away from reviewing some basics with your dog, but also be prepared to train your guests a little on proper interactions and any bad habits your pet may have that they should be aware of.

We hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration!

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