Fun Activities for Rainy Climates

April can be a tricky month when it comes to weather, which can be stressful if you have a pet that gets restless when cooped up for too long. If your area is being bogged down by April showers, here are a couple of indoor activity ideas to help keep Fido happy.


Hide and Go Treat
Keep your dog mentally stimulated by making a game out of mealtime. Rather than dropping their freeze dried Stewart® Raw Naturals™ patty in their bowl or merely handing them their Pro-Treat®, try hiding it! Break up their serving into smaller portions and hide them around the house for Fido to seek out and enjoy. You can also hide and call for Fido; when he finds you, reward him!

Teach an Old Dog New Tricks
Training is a wonderful way to not only pass the time but also enhance your relationship with your dog. Most dogs love to learn new things and it, undoubtedly, keeps them mentally stimulated. Whether it’s roll over, play dead, shake, or to grab you a drink from the fridge, a quick Internet search can teach you how best to teach your pooch.

Have a Puppy Play Date!
Have a friend or family member with a pup? If space permits, have them over for a play date! Even if the dogs can’t hit the ground running, they can still benefit from the socialization of hanging around another dog (and we suspect there will be a LOT of tug-of-war happening.)

And, of course, there’s always the option of pulling out the raincoat and rubber boots to brave the damp weather for a walk, which could actually be a fun change of pace!

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