Food Safety Education Month

Another awareness holiday for humans is Food Safety Education Month, but we just couldn’t pass this up. At Stewart, we take your pet’s food safety incredibly seriously – in fact, our sole mission is to provide pets ideal nutrition via properly handled food that owners trust is safe. Not only do we know where all of our human-grade ingredients come from, but we process them in a USDA-inspected facility that, realistically, you could eat food from! You can also rest easy that we use high pressure processing, which is a non-thermal process used to kill harmful bacteria while maintaining the nutritional integrity of the ingredient(s). With so many recalls happening, it’s important to stay up-to-date on which food and treats are being investigated (and avoid them) and always pay attention to your pet’s behavior – diet plays a big role in everything from activity level to mental sharpness so, if your pet seems off, don’t discount what’s in their dish.
We’re proud to report we have never fallen victim to food contamination or recalls as a result of our rigorous safety procedures, but educate yourself! Don’t be afraid to research how and why recalls happen or contact those brands to inquire further for your own knowledge. If you want more information on how we do things over here, head to our Learning Center and click the Food Safety link.

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